We train dogs and educate owners

We are reputable dog trainers with over 60 years combined experience and have space available to take your dog through obedience training and assist you with behavior problems.

We have experience with many breeds including high drive working dogs, such as German Shepherds, Border Collies, Heelers, Rottweilers and more.

Dog obedience training fulfills some crucial needs in your dog's life including exercise, mental stimulation, spending time with you and providing your dog with a "job".

With patience, understanding and proper training your best friend can be a pleasure to be around.

Absolutely Stirling Dog Training will help ensure a confident and sociable pet for years to come. Just how good a pet your dog becomes is really up to you.

To find out what we can do for your dog, contact us by phone at (403) 849-1802 or click here to email us.

We train dogs and educate owners

Obedience training

Choosing to obedience train is the single most important aspect in ensuring a mutually rewarding relationship between you and your dog for years to come.

Behaviour problems

We have helped change the lives of exasperated dog-owners who now have a fun and fulfilling life with what is now their partner and friend, not just their dog.

We train dogs and educate owners

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