Obedience Training

Effective, dog friendly training

Choosing to obedience train is the single most important aspect in ensuring a mutually rewarding relationship between you and your dog for years to come.

Training your dog can start in puppy-hood as early as 8-10 weeks of age. A dog is constantly learning, so it's vital that they learn the right things.

Obedience training makes every dog a better canine citizen, and there is no time like the present to begin your dog's education.

We here at Absolutely Stirling Dog Training ensure that each owner is taught how to effectively handle their dog using positive reinforcement and motivational techniques.

Our training sessions are designed to make right choice easy and the wrong choice difficult, making each lesson fun and enjoyable for both dog and owner alike.

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Effective, dog friendly training
We train dogs and educate owners

How we do it

Bring you dog to stay in our family training environment and we will train, socialize, exercise and return a well behaved dog to you. Depending on your specific requests and needs, we will custom tailor your dog's training needs to determine the time period needed to achieve optimal results.

Typically, we spend three to four weeks with most dogs. The reason for keeping your dog on-site is to instill repetition and ensure we can work with them at all times throughout the day or evening. Repetition results in confidence which ensures obedience. This also gives us the opportunity take your dog for practice sessions in public settings to work on distractions to ensure success.

We believe in repetition, positive reinforcement and behavior correction through classical conditioning. Through repetition, we help build confidence with your dog, which leads to a happy and obedient dog.

We accept a limited number of dogs at a time to ensure your dog receives substantial one-on-one attention. It's very important for the learning process. We keep training sessions frequent, short and fun for your dog. This allows for proper exercise and keeps their interest and attention at a peak.

Post Training

Upon completion of training, we'll provide the you with commands and guidelines to help ensure consistency. We offer follow up dog training sessions to ensure you and your dog are working together as a team, and you are able to do what we can do.

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