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The German Shepherd dog was originally bred at the end of the 19th century for its brilliant shepherding capabilities. It continues to this day to be a bold, highly intelligent dog, poised and self-confident, wary of strangers but warm and loving once it knows you are a friend. The German Shepherd is remarkably trainable for all sorts of work, including leading the blind and hearing impaired, police work, tracking, rescue, and naturally - personal protection, since its innate instinct is to protect.

As one of the most loyal and trainable breeds, the German Shepherd has earned its stripes as a personal protection dog. We find the German Shepherd to be the most popular personal protection breed. Whether for you or a whole family with children and small pets, the German Shepherd makes an excellent companion and source of protection.

At Absolutely Stirling Dog Training, we're able to offer clients a variety of fine German Shepherds. Our dogs are from the finest European working lines, displaying a beautiful build and exceptional temperament.

The German Shepherd puppies available through us can be trained to any level you desire, and we offer both puppies and adults. For personal protection at all levels, the German Shepherd makes a superb choice. For more information contact us by phone at 403-733-2283 or click here to email us.

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Absolutely amazing! I can tell all the hard work and dedication that was put into my 3 year old Golden Retriever, he is an absolute dream on leash now.

Trisha Dawn D'Agnone.

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Peter's Training Tips

Build a genuinely strong owner-dog relationship based on trust, co-operation and defined roles.

Set boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable behavior for your dogs, and stick to them. Be consistent, make it simple for your dog.

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